Rental Rules

Rules… Yes, there has to be rules!

Information & Policies
Rental Hours of Operation: 8:30 AM till 4:00 PM Tuesday thru Saturday

Paperwork requirements: Customers must provide a rental insurance policy binder on the rental unit before leaving the property with the trailer. You may use your personal insurance company and have a binder sent to us. Towing vehicle registration and insurance must be in the name of the person signing the rental agreement and he or she must supply a current drivers license for us to copy.

Tow Vehicle Requirements: Vehicle must be of proper size for the trailer being rented. It must have the correct size hitch, tow ball and light plug. For trailers being rented with electric brakes, tow vehicle must have a working brake control unit, or you can rent our Wireless Brake Control.

Daily Rate: Daily rate is 24 hours with a 30 minute grace period. If returned after the grace period, an additional days rental will be assessed.

Weekend Rate: Weekend rate gives you the unit for 3 days. Pick up trailer Saturday and return it by 9:00 AM on Tuesday. Returns after 9:30 AM on Tuesday will be assessed an additional day of our normal daily rate.

Weekly Rate: You pay for 5 days and keep the trailer for 7. If the trailer is not returned before the end of the normal grace period, you will be charged the daily rate for every day you are past the weekly rate.

Monthly Rate: Our monthly rate runs 28 days. Example: Pick up trailer by 10:AM on the first day and return it by 10:AM on the 29th day. If it is not returned on time, the daily rate will be assessed for every day past the monthly commitment.

Cleaning Charges: Trailer must be returned as clean, inside & out, as it was when picked up. If not, a minimum $45.00 charged will be assessed.

Emergencies: After calling police in the event of an accident, please notify your insurance carrier and then Sandia Trailer at 505-281-9860, 800-832-0603 or Lessee agrees to furnish Sandia a complete report of any accident involving rented equipment, including names, addresses and contact information of all persons & witnesses involved.

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